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Each month, every person connected to our network will share in a conference call designed to encourage and empower you as a leader in the faith. We will be joined by faith leaders from around the nation who will serve to ignite our faith and push us to our next level.

How do you know if your church or ministry area is actually transforming lives?

Are your ministry areas aligned with the vision of your church and headed in the same direction?

If you’re not sure, you might need a personalized coaching session.

Personalized Coaching

Growing Pastors—Growing Churches (GPGC) offers personalized coaching sessions where you can spend time with leaders who have been in the trenches, moving Saint Paul’s Church from a church with weekend attendance of 100 to over 6,000 today. GPGC can help you achieve your goals in a session tailored to fit your needs.

In 90 minutes you can begin to get clarity around an issue your church is facing and start to look at solutions. Your key decision-makers would benefit most from this experience.

Spend a half-day digging deeper to get practical tools and coaching which can be applied along with strategies for implementation. Your key decision-makers, elders, board members should be in attendance.

Spend an extended full day session getting to the heart of an issue or challenge facing your church. Your key decision-makers, elders, board members should be in attendance.

GPGC offers personalized coaching around such topics as: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Creating a clear vision and mission
  • Church growth
  • Making your weekends better
  • Measuring progress and setting goals

Don’t see the issue you are facing on this list? We’ll tailor a session to fit your unique needs.

Coaching Price Structure

Fees are customized to meet the needs of each individual and organization, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information and to schedule your coaching session.

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