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Vision Statement

Change Minds-Change Lives!


For more than 30 years, Dr. Lance Watson has served as a catalyst empowering people to change their minds and their lives positively. With the Great Commission of Christ as his mandate, he works to present the message of the gospel in a compelling, contemporary and charismatic manner. 

With thousands of life decisions being made each year, Dr. Lance Watson uses his unique gifts of communication, humor, creativity and intellect to reach people of every description.  

Lance Watson Ministries is a bridge united people to positively and powerfully shape culture, change communities and strengthen local pastors, churches and organizations. 

In every LDW Ministries endeavor, we work to: 


Our #1 priority is to present the timeless message of the gospel in a manner that connects with contemporary culture. LDW Ministries uses innovative, creative, and cutting-edge approaches to ensure that people are empowered to live their best lives now. 


The mental and spiritual ignition and renewal that occurs at each of our events serves as a launching pad for personal and collective transformation. 


It our goal to motivate people to live their best life, by developing their God-given gifts and talents; putting them into the position to make their greatest contribution. 


There has never been a moment in history when people were more interested in spiritual matters than this one. LDW Ministries seeks to ensure that people encounter God in a real and personal way, and live the abundant life possible through the grace of God. 

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