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We are a fellowship of growing pastors, working together to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and build growing churches.  

We are successful mentors and coaches, partnering with leaders and friends, to foster spirit-filled churches that work – that are relevant to the “not yet churched” in every community.

We are a lifeline to new churches, and churches in transition, offering training, coaching and support to help them fulfill their dreams and succeed in ministry.

We model effective, missional church and make our resources available through mentoring relationships with like-minded, caring, experienced and wise ministry leaders who can help you get more people connected, healthy and growing in ministry.

When we partner with you, it’s for a lifetime. We work with generous people and invest in them heart-to-heart and face-to-face, supplying friendship, relationships, resources, and ideas for ministry.

God blesses us as we share what we have to meet each other’s needs and expand God’s kingdom: resulting in more resources, more leaders, and more growing churches transforming culture worldwide.

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